Three Solutions For Every Basketball Player

Every basketball player faces three key challenges when it comes to pickup basketball.

Finding Games!

Users can connect to each other around the globe using real-time GPS locations. Users can now find exact locations of games being played, as well as, the skill level of the competition.

Sharing Their View

Users now have the tools to capture video or photos of their basketball experience and use our tools to broadcast globally.

Their Opinion

We give users the tools to rate each player on a variety of basketball related topics. While also giving users the ability to rate user generated content on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.


The Power of the SmackBoard!

The SmackBoard is powered by the Map/Feed. When users make a post, HoopBoost™ grabs their GPS location and tags them on the map. This allows users too look at the map and see who is posting games or content.

Map view

The Map View is what allows users to explore the world. Find new locations of parks, stadiums, or even people who like to play at home. The Map View gives the users the ability to search the globe!

Feed View

The power of the Feed View is an amazing tool. Once you have moved the Map around, you will see clusters of players that you can now explore. Click on a player or a cluster and the feed will show you what they are posting in that area. Also, people that you follow will always be visable at the bottom of the feed.

It's Your World, Share It!

Giving user the tools to capture their world is an incredible delight. Let your vision live forever!


HoopBoost™ gives users up to 30 seconds of video to share. Dunk on someone? Or did you break someone's ankle? Whatever it is, share your vision to the basketball community.


Did your team hold down the court today? Share your winning team photos on the SmackBoard! Excited about being at the Venice Beach Basketball Courts? Take a selfie and share! It's your world! Boost It!


The Power of Opinion

All basketball players are evaluating each other. Every game, possession, shot, pick, dribble, or dunk, we have made a mental note about each player. We know who to leave open and who not to leave open. Start rating your firends now! Start rating people you play against. You can rate someone everyday! Watch as their rating goes up or down. Remember, people can also rate you. Be ready to get in the gym to Boost your game!


Where Will You Rank?

Every player gets ranked based on Zip Code location. How well do you stack up against the rest of the competition? Get rated and find out today!

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